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DGM: User exits for master data dialog
You can use this SAP enhancement to define a function exit to write change documents for dangerous goods master data.

The customer exit is in the function group XD10. You call the function from the function HAZMAT_DGTMD_CHANGE_DOC_WRITE.

If the R/3 System does not find a customer exit after you call the function HAZMAT_DGTMD_CHANGE_DOC_WRITE, a standard document description is called. It is stored in the include LDG10F02.

The following import parameters can be used:

Import parameter Meaning

I_STR_OBJ_INFO Information on posting:

- Indicator to specify if posting should be

synchronous (-) or asynchronous (+)

- Change number, (*) if no change numbers

were used

- Selection date

I_CALL_STATUS Specifies which processing type is used

(dialog, engineering change management, filling)

to change the data.

All possible variations of this

indicator are defined in the constant

IC_CALL_STATUS in the include DGPM35.

I_NEW_TABLE Table with the data records that were posted to

the database for the first time. The field

SAVEMODE specifies if the data records were

deleted (D), added (I), changed (U)

or retained ( ).

I_OLD_TABLE Table with data from the last database access,

  • EXIT_SAPLDG10_001: DGM: Writing new change documents