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User Exit for Electronic Bank Statement
With this user exit, you can change the following MultiCash file data in program RFEBBE00:
  1. In the user exit, you can also obtain reference data (notes to payee), which is only transferred in the standard program from type 2 CODA records, from types 3 and 4 CODA information records.
    You can use this to:
    - analyze structured notices
    - analyze bank reference data
    - format reference data according to your requirements
  2. You can change or set the bank data of the business partner based on the partner's address data.

For each user exit accessed, the following data is transferred:

  1. a table with reference data
  2. a variable which is the number of entries in the reference table that can be copied into the MultiCash file,
  3. the bank data as formatted by the standard program
  4. CODA records: type 1 (bank account and statement identification data), type 2 (bank transaction data), types 3 and 4 (data for type 2 records)

Also see the documentation for the conversion program RFEBBE00 and the parameter userexit.

  • EXIT_RFEBBE00_001: User Exit Conversion Program (CODA (Belgium) -> Multicash)