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Program SAPMF21B2
This enhancement includes the following components:

Function Exits:

EXIT_SAPMF21B_001: Function exit for branching to the function group
XC01, where the customer can create his or her
own objects or call up self-developed programs.
If you need to update standard tables from within
this function group, you can use function module
FC_SAVE_SAP_TABLES and send the necessary
parameters to function group XC01 via the
function exit interface.

EXIT_SAPMF21B_002: Function exit for saving user-defined tables
simultaneously when updating from within the
standard transaction.
SAP uses this function exit when simultaneously
saving customer tables as well as SAP tables
from within the standard transaction.

Reserved function codes:

+UR1 : Function code for calling up EXIT_SAPMF21B_001 from within
SAPMF21B, i.e., for branching to the function group XC01.
The branch from within the standard maintenance becomes
available after the customer has activated his or her
enhancement project using transaction CMOD.

In order to activate this enhancement, the customer must define a

  • SAPMF21B+UR1: Characteristics
  • EXIT_SAPMF21B_001: Function Exit for Branching into Function Group XC01
  • EXIT_SAPMF21B_002: Function Exit for SAP to Save Customer Tables