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Function Group for Cons. Extension

You may opt to use this customer enhancement if you are implementing the integration of EC-CS Consolidation with transactional processing applications of R/3 (such as FI). If so, you can combine organizational units of the transaction application (such as company and business area) to form consolidation units or groups according to rules that you define in Customizing. These rules determine how the IDs and standard descriptions are generated for the consolidation units or groups during the automatic data transfer.

This enhancement allows you to modify these generated IDs and descriptions directly during the transfer, that is prior to saving.

To do this, you insert your custom program code in the assigned function exit 100. For more important, detailed information, see the function exit documentation.

If you have manually created cons units or groups in an integrated dimension, you cannot enter data for these organizational units by means of integration until the units are fully integrated. You can use a special program provided to perform this integration. The program attempts to determine the transaction system organizational units from the IDs of the EC-CS organizational units to be integrated, using the relevant ID combination rules. However, the program may not always be able to determine the organizational units. In this case, you need to adjust the system defaults in the function exit 110. For more

  • EXIT_SAPLFCIN_100: Integration: User Exit for Identifier and Texts from Cons Org Units
  • EXIT_SAPLFCIN_110: Integration: User Exit for "Parents" of Cons Org Units