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Function Group for Cons. Extension

Function exit for determining custom exchange rates for currency translation.

This function exit is located in function group XC01. There, customers can create or call their own objects.

To use this function exit, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose translation key 7 in the translation method for FS items that are to be translated with a user-defined exchange rate. Then, specify a number to differentiate the procedure.
  2. When these items are translated, the function exit is called. A user-defined exchange rate and the translation ratios are determined and then used to translate the FS item.

It is possible to access FS items that are already translated. This can be done in function module FC_UEXIT_SERVICE.

The function exit source contains a nonactive sample program.

  • EXIT_FICUMR00_001: Function Exit for Definition of Customer-defined Exchange Rates