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DART: Customer extensions
Adding customer defined data sources Overview

If activated, this function exit is called after all data for all standard data sources have been exported to the data file. The exit can be used to read and export customer defined data sources.

Adding data sources

Follow these steps to add data sources

  1. Create an export structure that contains all needed source table fields.

Numerical fields must be converted to character format, so for these fields you need to create data elements of data type CHAR. The field length has to be long enough to hold the converted value. The minimum required length is the field length of the original value field plus two (for sign and decimal separator). Example: the field BSEG-DMBTR has a field length of 13; the corresponding character representation requires 15 characters. For more details see extension FTXW0001.

It is strongly recommended to give added fields the same name as the corresponding source fields. For non-numerical fields, also the same data elements should be used. For numerical fields, a new data element should be created with type CHAR and sufficient length. The data element texts should be copied from the source field data element.

  1. Add the new export structure in the data segment configuration. Select "Configure" - "Data segments" and click the "Create segment" button. Enter the segment structure and enter all other information as applicable.
  2. Create the function exit
Creating the function exit

Extension FTXW0002 consists of a function exit to read and export customer defined data sources.

Follow the instructions in the help documentation of this transaction (CMOD) to create the function exit and copy in a program template (SAP source code example).

Function exit interface

The function exit receives the following parameters:

FISCAL_YEAR Fiscal year

PACKAGE_SIZE Package size for data selection

MAX_DOCS Maximum number of documents to be selected

SEL_COMPANY_CODE Company codes (internal table, RANGES format)

SEL_PERIOD Fiscal periods (internal table, RANGES format)

SEL_PARMS All parameters from selection screen (internal table)

SEL_CUST_SEGMENT Selected customer segments (internal table)

  • EXIT_SAPLTXW2_002: Add customer defined data sources to data file