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User Exits for Master Data
Using this customer modification, you can validate the master data for newly created fields in an FI-SL table.

This is necessary in Special Purpose Ledger if:
- the field is used in the Report Writer and a text is to be printed
- the field is to be used in planning
- the field is to be used in allocation
- the field is to be validated in FI-SL document entry

SAP standard exits are already defined for many fields in order access the defined data. You can also use these standard exits for customer-defined tables so that you do not have to write your own exits for these fields.

The following standard exits are currently available:
Exit 01: RLDNR Ledger
Exit 02: RVERS Version
Exit 03: BUKRS Company Code
Exit 04: KOKRS Controlling Area (CO)
Exit 05: KSTAR Cost Element (CO)
Exit 06: KOSTL Cost Center (CO)
Exit 07: RACCT Account From (FI)
Exit 08: RYEAR Fiscal Year
Exit 09: STAGR Statistical Key Figure (CO)
Exit 10: LSTAR Activity Type (CO)
Exit 11: RUNIT Unit of Measure
Exit 12: RTCUR Currency
Exit 13: AUFNR Order
Exit 14: RCOMP Global Company
Exit 15: VERSN Version (CO)
Exit 16: RBUSA Business Area
Exit 17: TWAER Transaction Currency (CO)
Exit 18: PROJN Project
Exit 33: HRKFT Origin
Exit 42: PRCTR Profit Center
Exit 43: RACCT Account or Cost Element
Exit 44: VNAME Venture
Exit 45: RECIN Recovery Indicator
Exit 46: PARTN Partner (FI customer)
Exit 47: BILIN Billing Indicator
Exit 48: EGROU Equity Group
EXIT 51: KSTRG Cost Object
Exit 52: PRZNR Business Process
Exit 53: OBJNR CO-Object Number
Exit 54: ATTRI Attributes Process

If you want to create your own exit, there are 7 function exits in order to do this. In the program you are to write, there are 7 different form routines.

No. Form Routine Description
001 USER_TEXT Reading the text for a specific value
002 USER_VALUE Checking the validity of a specific value
003 USER_AREA_TAB Searching for all valid values in a value table
004 USER_FREE Releasing internally used tables
005 USER_REFRESH Deleting internally used tables
006 USER_ADD_PERIOD Searching for period-dependent addtnl information
007 USER_ADD_FIX Searching for period-independent addtnl information

When you write your own exit, refer to the include LXGMDF00. This include contains program parts that should be copied directly to the relevant function modules so that the correct exit is called up each time. (If you have several exits for various fields, the function exit 002 is always called up along with the exit number for the validation of the value. The function module must then call up the relevant form routine, for example USER_VALUE_01 or USER_VALUE_02.)
This include also contains a form rountine for outputting error messages as well as an example routine (FORM FILL_TABLE) which shows how the transferred record can be moved to the relevant table structure.
An example exit is also defined in this include.

You activate your exit by making the entry '=Uxx' ('=Uxx' is a two digit number) for the field in your table in the FI-SL configuration menu under the menu options Environment-> Master data-> Integr.master data. You can also define if period-dependent or period-independent additional information should be returned simultaneously with the master data validation.

You only need the functions REFRESH, FREE and ADD_PERIOD when period- dependent additional information is also to be returned.

You only need the functions REFRESH, FREE and ADD_FIX when period- independent additional information is also to be returned.

  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_001: Master Data User Exits for Reading Text
  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_002: User exits for master data - check value
  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_003: Master data user exits for reading value set
  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_004: Master data user exits - FREE internally used tables
  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_005: User exits for master data - REFRESH internally used tables
  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_006: User exits for master data - add record with period-dependent add. info.
  • EXIT_SAPLGUMD_007: User Exits for Master Data - Derive Record with Period-Independent Info.