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HR Construction Industry Payroll
Customer enhancement for the reimbursement of expenses in Payroll Accounting for the construction industry.

In Payroll Accounting for the construction industry, expenses are automatically reimbursed using the function DBAU EVA. The reimbursement amount is coupled with the construction site to which the employee is assigned on the corresponding day. The entitlements assigned to a construction site in the Expenses infotype and the construction site from the transaction data are both of prime importance.

If an employer works on more than one construction site on the same day, the expenses are not paid automatically. In this case, manual entry is required.

The following function module is available for a customer enhancement that enables automatic processing for more than one construction site:

  • EXIT_SAPLHRB0_001: Payroll Construction Industry: Allowances/Expenses
  • EXIT_SAPLHRB0_002: Construction Industry Expenses Interface 2