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User Exits Mexico

  • EXIT_HMXCAGU0_001: User exit Mexico: annual bonus WT
  • EXIT_HMXCAGU0_002: User exit Mexico: Change of annual bonus days
  • EXIT_HMXCALC0_001: User exits Mexico: calculation of planned monthly salary
  • EXIT_HMXCALC0_002: User exits Mexico: calculation of basis for state tax
  • EXIT_HMXCALC0_005: User exit Mexico: days relevant to IMSS calculation
  • EXIT_HMXCALC0_006: User exits Mexico: Calculation of INFONAVIT credit basis
  • EXIT_HMXCCSS0_001: User exit Mexico: days that qualify
  • EXIT_HMXCCSS0_002: User exit Mexico: exemptions from Social Insurance
  • EXIT_HMXCCSS0_003: Change in annual bonus and leave bonus basic wage and days
  • EXIT_HMXCFIC0_001: User exits Mexico: theoretical taxable income
  • EXIT_HMXCIFA0_001: Change in average balance of employee
  • EXIT_HMXCIFA0_002: Change in payable interest factor
  • EXIT_HMXCISR0_001: User exit Mexico: tax exemptions
  • EXIT_HMXCISR0_002: User exits Mexico: periodicity factors in taxes
  • EXIT_HMXCISR0_003: User exits Mexico: credit on salary and marginal Income Tax for subsidy
  • EXIT_HMXCISR0_004: User exits Mexico: method and table of tax to apply
  • EXIT_HMXCISR0_005: User exit Mexico: user tax methods
  • EXIT_HMXCISR0_006: User exits Mexico: days of monthly share Art.86 RLISR
  • EXIT_HMXCRUT0_001: User Exit Mexico: profit share
  • EXIT_HMXCRUT0_002: Mexico function module: alternative cost center for profit sharing
  • EXIT_HMXTRTR0_001: Change in % of permanent, partial and total incap. / subsidized days