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User Exit for Pay Scale Reclassification
This user exit is used in the executable program RPITIG00 to create variable arguments for the tables VS (variable balances) and CVS (cummulated variable balances) and the time evaluation cluster B2.
You can use the following variables and internal tables for reporting:

Variable Meaning

PPERNR Personnel number

PSGRPLVL_BEGDA Start date of current pay scale


EMPLOYEE_AGE Age in years

YEARS_OF_SENIORITY Length of service in years

HIRE_DATE Hiring date

FIRE_DATE Leaving date

WORK_HOURS_LIMIT Limit of hours worked

AGE_LIMIT Limit for pay scale age jump

SENIORITY_LIMIT Limit for length of service

Tabelle Meaning

PP0000 Actions

PP0001 Organizational Assignment

PP0002 Personal Data

PP0003 Payroll Status

PP0007 Planned Working Time

PP0008 Basic Pay

P_ERROR_TAB Internal Error Table

Fill the variable VS_IDENTIFIER to identify the variable balances with a maximum of four-character indicator. This indicator allows you to store different variable balances per day in the tables VS and CVS and to group them according to meaning. When you choose an indicator, do not use the standard indicator 'ITIG'.

In addition, you must fill the internal table VAR_ARGUMENT. This table references the following structure:

Field name Meaning

TABNAME Table name

FIELDNAME Local field name

FIELDVALUE Character 40-positions (field value)

LENGTH Length of field (number of characters)

The variable argument is made up of the contents of one or more of the fields. The value and length of the variable argument are determined by the entries in these internal tables.
For the required fields and their positions in the table, use the fields and their order in your modified personnel calculation rule to fill the key in tables VS and CVS in the time evaluation cluster B2. For additional information, refer to the following section of the Personnel Administration Implementation Guide Define rules for determining hours worked.

There are two ways to fill table VAR_ARGUMENT:

  1. If the required field exists in the data repository, you must fill the table names, the field names and the field's contents. You can leave the field length empty as the length is defined by the data repository in this instance.
  2. If there is no reference to the data repository, leave the table and field names empty and only fill the field's contents and length.

You can use the internal error table P_ERROR_TAB and the switch REJECT_PERNR for error handling. The error table has the following structure:

Field name Meaning

PERNR Personnel number

ARBGB Message ID

MSGTY Message type (E,I,W,...)

MSGNO Message number

MSGV1 Message variable 01

MSGV2 Message variable 02

MSGV3 Message variable 03

MSGV4 Message variable 04

If, due to an error, you want to stop the further processing of a personnel number, set the switch REJECT_PERNR to 'X' after filling.


The following standard processing with the ID 'TEST' represents an example:

*-Data definitions DATA: TABLE_ARG(4), ERR_TAB_WA LIKE HRERROR. TABLES: T503. *-Set identifier VS_IDENTIFIER = 'TEST'. *-Fill internal table VAR_ARGUMENT VAR_ARGUMENT-TABNAME = 'P0008'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDNAME = 'TRFAR'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDVALUE = PP0008-TRFAR. APPEND VAR_ARGUMENT. VAR_ARGUMENT-TABNAME = 'P0008'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDNAME = 'TRFGB'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDVALUE = PP0008-TRFGB. APPEND VAR_ARGUMENT. VAR_ARGUMENT-TABNAME = 'P0008'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDNAME = 'TRFGR'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDVALUE = PP0008-TRFGR. APPEND VAR_ARGUMENT. VAR_ARGUMENT-TABNAME = 'P0008'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDNAME = 'TRFST'. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDVALUE = PP0008-TRFST. APPEND VAR_ARGUMENT. VAR_ARGUMENT-TABNAME = 'T503 '. VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDNAME = 'TRFKZ'. SELECT SINGLE * FROM T503 WHERE PERSG EQ PP0001-PERSG AND PERSK EQ PP0001-PERSK. IF SY-SUBRC NE 0. *---Error handling CLEAR T503. "Clear table work area *---Process faulty table argument CONCATENATE PP0001-PERSG PP0001-PERSK INTO TABLE_ARG SEPARATED BY SPACE. *---Fill error table work area and append it to the error table ERR_TAB ERR_TAB_WA-PERNR = PPERNR. "Personnel number ERR_TAB_WA-ARBGB = '72'. "Message area ERR_TAB_WA-MSGTY = 'E'. "Message type ERR_TAB_WA-MSGNO = '002'. "Message number ERR_TAB_WA-MSGV1 = TABLE_ARG. "1. message variable ERR_TAB_WA-MSGV2 = SPACE. "2. message variable ERR_TAB_WA-MSGV3 = SPACE. "3. message variable ERR_TAB_WA-MSGV4 = SPACE. "4. message variable APPEND ERR_TAB_WA TO P_ERROR_TAB. *---Permit no further processing of the current personnel number REJECT_PERNR = 'X'. ELSE. *---No error -> okay to continue VAR_ARGUMENT-FIELDVALUE = T503-TRFKZ.
  • EXIT_RPITIG00_001: User Exit for Pay Scale Reclass. Acc. to Completed Working Time (RPITIG00)