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Incentive Wages: User Exit
The integration between Logistics and Human Resources (HR) enables you to retrieve confirmations from Logistics and store them as time tickets in a batch input session.

You can add your own data to time tickets before storing them in the session. A function exit is available for this purpose.

  • Modify the function exit EXIT_SAPLHRIW_001 to suit your requirements.
  • Include the enhancement HRPINW01 in a project and activate the project.


  • During the transfer from Logistics, the time ticket should be dependent upon the order number. You will find example coding for this in the FORM determine_time_ticket_type in Include LXP03F01.
  • During the transfer the Logistics wage group should be stored in the pay scale group in Human Resources. You will find example coding for this in the FORM get_pay_scale_group
    • EXIT_SAPLHRIW_001: User Exit: Enhancement for Time Ticket