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Enhancement for Leave Accrual (RPILVA00)
This user exit is used by program RPILVA00 to determine an employee's leave entitlement. The following employee data is evaluated:

Variable Meaning
PPERNR Personnel number
LEAVE_YEAR Year of new leave entitlement
SENIORITY Seniority in years
AGE Age in years
HIRE_DATE Hiring date
FIRE_DATE Date of notice
ACT_WRKHRS Hours worked in past year
PLN_WRKHRS Planned working hours in past year
ONLY_NEW Only generate new entitlement?
ONLY_OLD Only take over remaining leave?

Table Meaning
PP0000 Events
PP0001 Organizational Assignment
PP0004 Challenge
PP0005 Leave Entitlement
PP0007 Planned Working Time
PP0008 Basic Pay
PPSP Personal work schedule from previous year

The internal table VACATION must be filled by the user, and is structured as follows:

LVTYP Leave type
LVNUM Leave entitlement (3 places before, 2 behind decimal point)
LVBEG Start of deduction
LVEND End of deduction
OPERA Operation indicator

The operation indicator can have one of the following values. The specification assigned determines how the present leave balance is processed:

  • A The calculated entitlement is increased/reduced
  • D The specified leave record is deleted

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_RPILVA00_001: User exit for leave accrual: program RPILVA00