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User Exits for Absence Valuation
The Absence Refinement function (SAP enhancement HRPTIMAB) enables you to refine absence records before the absences are valuated.

Absences often have to be refined before they are valuated so that business regulations such as the end of continued payment for illness are represented. To do so, the system sets a flag for each absence day in a history table, "Coverage History" to identify the valuation of the absence on this day. The information in the Coverage History can be used to refine the absences further.
You can use Customizing tables to set how the Coverage History table is refined. This enables you to tailor the refinement process to suit your company-specific requirements. For detailed information, see the Refine Absences section of the Implementation Guide for Payroll.

In addition to these options, you can use function exits to influence processing at the following stages:

  • Determine rule group
    You can influence the selection of the rule group that groups together the marking rules for the Coverage History in function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_001.
  • Calculate seniority
    You can control the calculation of seniority in function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_002.
  • Check applicability of marking rules
    You can enhance the validation of the marking rules using function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_003.
  • Set flag for the absence day
    You can supplement the flag for an absence day in Coverage History using function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_004.
  • Split table AB based on flag
    You can influence the logic for the refinement of absences based on their flag in Coverage History using function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_005.
  • Determine period
    You can specify the period that is relevant for the calculation of a change in flag using function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_006.
  • Select days with a change in flag
    You can select the days with a change in flag using function exit EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_007.

Insert enhancement HRPTIM03 into a project and activate the project using the

  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_001: Determination of package ID for Coverage History
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_002: Determination of Seniority
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_003: Validity Check for Coverage Rule
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_004: Determine marking for absence day
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_005: Split table AB according to marking in coverage history
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_006: Relevant period for change to marking
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_007: Choose days with change to marking
  • EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_008: Determination of Age