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Payroll User-Exit
The user exit stored in this group enables you to assign the payroll results to the cumulation periods. Within the customer module, the start and end assigned in the payroll infotype for the respective payroll result is also determined based on customer rules.

If this module is active, the standard calculation stored in the HRCUMTYDATE module is ignored.

Refer to the following example to illustrate this principle:




* Example of a customer modified begda/endda assignment

* This algorithm does not do anything useful. It is a

* SIMPLE example ! For another example of coding, refer to

* the function module "HRCUMTYDATE".

begda = a_versc-paydt.

endda = a_versc-paydt.

* Assign customer specific begda / endda for the

* entry in the cumulation infotype

if a_cumty = 'Y'.

move '0313' to begda+4(4) .

  • EXIT_SAPLRPRP_001: Set Start and End Date for the Current Payroll Result