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Statement Enhancements
Program SAPMPBWD enables you to create statements from Payroll Germany. Customer exits are created at relevant places to enhance customer demands. These function modules are stored in the customer function group XPBW. It is also possible to fill the global data which is used later.

  • EXIT_RPCBWAD0_010: HR-DBW: Data Selection for Master Data Determination
  • EXIT_RPCBWAD0_020: HR-DBW: Data Selection: User Exit Per Payroll Period
  • EXIT_RPCBWAD0_030: HR-DBW: Data Selection: Subsequent Processing
  • EXIT_RPCBWPD0_001: HR-DBW: Customer Dialog Box to Overwrite Modifiable Tree Fields
  • EXIT_SAPMPBWD_001: HR-DBW: Dialog Program: Customer Modification for Transferred BWSEL Struct