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User Exits Public Sector Germany
This enhancement includes function module EXIT_RPCZVMD1_001 which enables the user to determine additional data and print it out in extra fields in the form. The initial data comprises the fields in the current record of personal registration data (table pers_anmelde_daten). The extra data required should be stored in fields ZFLD1, ZFLD2 (45 characters each) and ZFLD3, ZFLD4 (20 characters each) of structure VBL_ZVK. These fields must then be inserted at the required position in the forms (transaction SE71, form ZVK_OD_*).

Example: Informational copies of the data that is passed on in the completed registrations are sent to the employees concerned. This will be done by inter-company mail, so the names of the personnel area and area and subarea need to be printed in the address window. Include ZX406U03 would then be as follows:

* INCLUDE ZX406U03 *
tables: t500p, t001p.

*Determine name of personnel area
select single * from t500p where persa = pers_anmelde_daten-werks.
if sy-subrc = 0.
vbl_zvk-zfld1 = t500p-name1.

* Name des Personalteilbereichs (Betriebsteils)
select single * from t001p where werks = pers_anmelde_daten-werks


  • EXIT_RPCZVMD1_001: SPF: Exit for Additional Fields for Printing SP Notifications