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Customer Exits for DevClass XICRP02
The system offers you different search helps depending on the partner function. From Release 4.6C, you can also use tasks to search for organizational units. After you have entered the task, the system determines the organizational units.

You can use this customer exit to reduce the number of organizational units, for example, if you do not require all organizational units for a particular notification type in your company.
If you do not use this customer exit, the system displays all suitable organizational units.

The system proposes the following interfaces:

  • Table P_RECORD_TAB
    Contains all organizational units
  • Parameter P_SHLP
    Contains information about the search help
  • Parameter P_CALLCONTROL

You can delete or supplement organizational units by adding data records to or deleting them from the table P_RECORD_TAB.

Do not change the parameter P_CALLCONTROL_STEP if you want to use the general search help display function.

If you want to replace the general search help display with your own display, you must change the parameter P_CALLCONTROL_STEP as follows:

    Search help processing should be canceled.
    You can start search help processing from the beginning.
    You have programmed your own search help display, and want the system
    • EXIT_SAPLCS_ORG_02_001: Customer Exit: Reduction of Displayed Records