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PM Object Partners
This enhancement enables you to add your own partner selection for functional locations, equipment, notifications and maintenance orders.

This enhancement is called up automatically if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • A notification or an order is created with a reference object
  • The reference object in the notification or order is changed

This enhancement is NOT called up if:

  • A notification or an order is created without a reference object
  • A piece of equipment or a functional location is created

  • Function/Program:
    • SAPLIPAR+PAE: PartnSel. for equipment
    • SAPLIPAR+PAF: PartnSel. for FunctLoc
    • SAPLIPAR+PAO: PartnSel. for order
    • SAPLIPAR+PAR: PartnSel. for notification
    • EXIT_SAPLIPAR_002: Selection of Notification Partners