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Master Data Management enhancements
The function module EXIT_SAPLIEL2_001 mentioned in this enhancement is called up when you define equipment hierarchies, therefore, during the following activities:

  • when you assign sub-equipments to a superior equipment
  • when you exchange one sub-equipment for another
  • when you delete the superior equipment for a sub-equipment and/or define a new superior equipment
  • When you change the position of a sub-equipment

You can arrange for additional functional and logical checks to be carried out before the data changes are authorized.

After the checks have been carried out, the indicator IND_EQ_SELECT on 1 (= Equipment hierarchies not allowed) or <blank> (= Equipment hierarchy allowed) is set.

If the equipment hierarchy was not allowed, the system informs the user of this with the dialog message IE061.

  • EXIT_SAPLIEL2_001: Check of User-Defined Rules When Defining the Equipment Hierarchy