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Master Data Management enhancements
You call up the function module EXIT_SAPMIEQ0_001 mentioned in this customer exit when you update the data of a piece of equipment and the data of a serial number .

You can initiate additional objective and logical checks by the system before the piece of equipment and the serial number are updated.

The update of the data can only take place if the module does not generate an error condition (in the form of an exception). If an exception is created, the system does not perform the update, but simply issues a corresponding message.

Which message this is, depends on whether you want want to define a message of your own:

  • If so, you must create the exception POSTING_NOT_ALLOWED_EXT. Use the instruction MESSAGE xnnn RAISING <exception> for this.

The system issues the message that you specified in the instruction (alsxnnn)

  • If not, you must create the exception POSTING_NOT_ALLOWED, whereby it is sufficient to use the instruction RAISE <exception>.

The system issues the standard message IS200.

In the function module it is not just additional checks that can be performed. It is also possible to supply particular fields of the equipment and serial number master records with customer-specific values.

The following export parameters are available for these values:


The fields to be interpreted in them must be selected in the corresponding update structures:



If the sort field ILOA-EQFNR is to be filled with the value '4711', the module must return the following values:

  • EXIT_SAPMIEQ0_001: Check of Customer-Defined Rules Before Equipment Update