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Enhancements for Serial Number Mgt

You can use this customer exit to determine keys for new serial numbers that are to be created, and return them to the calling program.

The following data is available to help determine the keys:

  • Number of serial numbers required
  • Operation for which the serial numbers are to be created (generally, this involves one of the serialization procedures that are defined in Customizing for the serial number profile)
  • Material, for which serial numbers are to be assigned (possibly with configuration data)
  • Possible SD document number and document item number
  • Possible PP order number and order item number, as well as production plant

A table is returned with the generated serial number keys.

These keys are then subjected to those checks necessary in the SAP standard program.



The customer exit can be used in the following situations:

  • Generation of serial numbers on the basis of the goods movement:
    • Either if the indicator Serial number usage is set as "automatic" in the serial number profile for the corresponding serialization operation
    • Or, if the user chooses "Create serial numbers automatically" during a serialization operation in the dialog window for creating serial numbers
  • Multiple entry of serial numbers on the basis of the master data; in this case, the transaction code of the relevant master data transaction IQ04 is transferred as the serialization procedure.

If fewer serial numbers than required are generated, due to the customer-specific program logic of this customer exit, the standard generation logic creates the remainaing serial numbers with

  • EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001: Automatic Serial Number Assignment