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Enhancements for Serial Number Mgt

You can use this customer exit to intiate checks that should be performed when copying object list entries during serialization operations.

The following data is available for this:

  • The serialization operation that intiated the copying (see also table T377X or T377X_T)
  • The header data of the object list that serves as a copy reference
  • The header data of the object list that data is being copied to
  • The current object list entry that is to be copied
  • The master data of the serial number which - if it exists - is part of the copy operation

If you do not want to copy an object list entry, you must set the indicator Veto.

If the message fields of structure SYST are filled, for example, by a MESSAGE ... RAISING language element, then the message information is then further processed by the calling program (for example, they are recorded in a log). If you do not want the system to generate an error message, you must set the parameter NO MESSAGES.


  • EXIT_SAPLIPW1_002: Check on Copying Object List