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Serial Number Management in Documents

This customer exit enables you to enter customer-specific fields for the serial numbers within the framework of serial number processing. This can also be performed in an internal dialog mode.

The exit contains a function code that you can activate in the user interface. The function code EXIT_SAPLIPW1_003 is only called once the relevant function is triggered on the serial number screen (SAPLIPW1 0200).

The transfer parameters are:

    • SER01 Delivery
    • SER02 SD order
    • SER03 Goods movement
    • SER04 Inspection lot
    • SER05 PP order
    • SER06 Handling unit
    • SER07 Physical inventory document
    • Data from the respective documents, document number, document item. Only data from the database structure shown in S3_HEADER is available.
  • S3_AKTYP
    • V Change
    • H Create
  • S3_IEQUI
    • The table contains all serial numbers that are subjected to an update in the transaction (for example, newly added serial numbers). Using the field OBKNR, it is possible to filter out the serial numbers assigned to the object list header that is currently relevant (S3_HEADER_DATA), since the object list header also contains the internal object list number.

You want to maintain specific data for the serial numbers that is

- stored in your own customer-specific database structure

- stored in the append structure CI_EQUI (for table EQUI), or

- stored in the EQUI structure itself

You should also note:

  • In all three cases using this function, you can call a separate screen in order to enter this data.
  • For your own database structures, it might be necessary to force the updates of the relevant data yourself. You can use customer exit IQSM0005 for this.
  • For data that is stored in the append structure CI_EQUI or in the EQUI table itself, the system automatically ensures that the update is performed. The fields that can be included in this update are stored in the internal structure ISTRU_EQ. The relevant interface parameter is S3_ISTRU_EQ. You should note that the field contents to be updated must be flagged in the relevant flag structure S3_ISTRU_EQ_U.

The database fields EQUI-EQBER and EQUZ-EZBER that are accessible using the existing exit should not be used, as, from Release 4.6B they are intended for SAP-internal usage for storing technical information.

A (pre-existing) customer-specific use of these fields will be taken into consideration in the standard system in so far as the existing field contents will not be overwritten, though this implies restricting the SAP-internal functionality. For this reason, these fields should not be used in the future. Specifically the exit should neither interpret nor change the field contents.

The fields EQUI-EQDAT, EQUI-EQNUM, EQUZ-EZDAT and EQUZ-EZNUM are not presently used in the standard system, nevertheless the customer should refrain from using them.

  • SAPLIPW1+ZUD: Additional data
  • EXIT_SAPLIPW1_003: Serial Numbers, User Exit for Additional Fields