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Enhancements for Serial Number Mgt
This customer exit is used to transfer the document data for a goods movement into serial number management. This involves:

  • The complete goods document (transfer table S7_TAB_MSEG, structure MSEG),
  • The purchase order history (transfer table S7_TAB_EKBE, structure EKBE).

The customer exit is called as soon as the document is saved. This means that at this moment in time the document data can be placed in the global memory of function group IE01, where it is then available when the serial numbers in the document are saved immediately afterwards.

Access to the document data (placed in the global memory of IE01) is performed in customer exit EXIT_SAPLIE01_005, which can be activated using customer exit IQSM0005.

Certain document data can now be copied into the master data of the serial numbers.


You want to copy the goods recipient from the material document and the value from the purchase order history into the serial number.

Goods movement
You activate the customer exit EXIT_SAPLIE01_007 so that you can prepare the required information from the goods document and the purchase order history. You can read additional data (for example, from the purchase order) where necessary.

You activate the customer exit EXIT_SAPLIE01_005. The data prepared

  • EXIT_SAPLIE01_007: Serial Numbers, User Exit in Goods Movement