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PM: User Exits for Technical Objects

This customer enhancement enables you to enter additional master data for technical objects such as equipment, serial numbers, and functional locations.

For this purpose, you can use transaction CMOD to generate one of the include subscreens assigned to the customer enhancement, which then appears on the tab for "Other data" (screen 1080 in function group ITO0).

As of Release 4.6A, the flexible (and multiple) assignment of include subscreens on different tabs is supported by customizing-suitable view profiles.

The data exchange between the call program (ITO0) and the subscreen is realized by two exit function modules belonging to the enhancement:

  • EXIT_SAPLITO0_001 (Data import ITO0 => XTOB) and
  • EXIT_SAPLITO0_002 (Data export XTOB => ITO0)

An area with a maximum of ten lines is reserved for the include subscreen on screen SAPLITO0 1080. The include subscreen must be of the type "Subscreen".

A maximum of five include subscreens (with numbers 1000 to 1004) are provided in the customer exit (numbers 1000 - 1004). The different screens can be used, for example, to show individual data screens depending on the technical object (equipment, functional location) or tab concerned.

You use transaction CMOD to physically create the required include subscreens.

The include subscreen that is then displayed in the transaction is defined in the function module EXIT_SAPLITO0_001 (output parameter E_SUBSCREEN_NUMBER). If the module does not return a value, the include subscreen 1000 is always displayed.

Procedure for changing data using function module EXIT_SAPLITO0_002

The fields that can be maintained in the function modules are stored in the following transfer structures:

  • ISTRU_EQ (table EQUI)
  • ISTRU_EZ (tables EQUZ and ILOA)
  • IFLO_USR1 (table IFLOT)

By setting the flag in the relevant indicator structures, you can define which of these fields are to be transferred in the function module. The indicator structures are:

  • ISTRU_EQ_U (Table EQUI)
  • ISTRU_EZ_U (Tables EQUZ and ILOA)
  • IFLO_USR1U (table IFLOT)

It is possible to add customer-specific fields to the transfer:

In 4.0A, customer includes were added for enhancements in the master data tables.

The customer include for equipment is attached to table EQUI, the include for functional location to table IFLOT.

As the same includes are also attached to transfer structures ISTRU_EQ and IFLO_USR1, all the customer-specific fields defined in the include can be transferred in the same way as they were maintained in the customer exits.

To be able to control the fields for transfer, customer includes are also defined in the indicator structures ISTRU_EQ_U and IFLO_USR1U.

As they are control flags, these customer includes cannot be the same as ones in the transfer structures (for technical reasons).

As a result, when defining customer-specific fields, note the following:

  • In the transfer structure, the customer include must contain the actual data fields.
  • In the related indicator structure, the customer include must contain the flag of the same name.

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLITO0_001: Customer Include ITO0: Data Import (Initiator => Include)
    • EXIT_SAPLITO0_002: Customer Include ITO0: Data Export (Include => Caller)
    • SAPLITO01080_XUSR1080_SAPLXTOB1000: Include Sub (0108): User-Defined Data for Technical Objects
    • SAPLITO01080_XUSR1080_SAPLXTOB1001: Include Sub (0108): User-Defined Data for Technical Objects
    • SAPLITO01080_XUSR1080_SAPLXTOB1002: Include Sub (0108): User-Defined Data for Technical Objects
    • SAPLITO01080_XUSR1080_SAPLXTOB1003: Include Sub (0108): User-Defined Data for Technical Objects
    • SAPLITO01080_XUSR1080_SAPLXTOB1004: Include Sub (0108): User-Defined Data for Technical Objects