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PM: Maintenance Order Processing
You can use this enhancement to make your own determination of the WBS element.

The enhancement runs:

  • When creating the order
  • For each change of the maintenance object
  • When saving

The entire dialog structure of the order header is made available as a parameter. The WBS element of the object may already be available in the dialog structure, depending on the Customizing setting.

In case of change, the "old" work area is also available.

In the field Event, the following times are encrypted:
1 = Create
2 = Change object
3 = Save

The customer enhancement simply returns the WBS element. This is then checked.


As soon as the enhancement is activated, the WBS element, which may already be available in the export parameter PSPEL

  • EXIT_SAPLCOIH_010: PM Order: Customer Enhancement for Determination of WBS Element