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Maintenance Order
By using this customer enhancement, you can transfer data records that are stored in a local file as components in the list of component assignments to the maintenance order. The data records in the local file are generated or stored there by a non-SAP system.

If the enhancement is active, it calls up the function module EXIT_SAPLCOMK_003. The Include LXWocF08 is defined in this module.

Within this Include you must define the following:

  • the files with a different format that should be imported from outside
  • the record structures of the files that are imported via the table ZCOM_TAB
  • the assignment by field of the imported data records to the fields provided by SAP in the structure RIHFCOM
    These are then imported record for record into the table ZCOM_TAB and transferred, clearly defined, into the component list.

Within this Include you can also define the following:

  • the local file location of the file in your system
    This optional information serves as a default value.
  • with which item category the components in the component list are transferred
    If nothing is specified in the enhancement, 'T', meaning text item, is set as the default.
  • default values for quantity and unit of measure


Change in environment

If your environment changes, you must extend the example program LXWocF08 accordingly to the places described above. You must do this, for example, in the following cases:

  • if you would like to consider further external systems for the component transfer
  • for a structure already in existence, if you would like to transfer further fields from the imported table into the component list for the maintenance order, clearly defined by using the table FCOM_TAB or the structure RIHFCOM assigned to it

Materials kept in stock

There are currently no plans to transfer materials kept in stock.

Dialog message

You can activate the dialog message provided in the Include LXWocFO8 as required. In this case, you must create the message in a message class (for example, Y9) that you have defined for yourself as a user. For example, the message "900" could read as follows:

Short text:

The assignment by field from upload to transfer structure is not defined

Long text:

In the program LXWocF08 (function module EXIT_SAPLCOMK_003), an upload

  • SAPLCOIH+MSF: External system
  • EXIT_SAPLCOMK_003: Maintenance Order: Customer Enhancement for Component Selection