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Customer Exits Notifications
The data for the maintenance order/service order is stored in one of the database tables defined by SAP AG. You can use this enhancement to make customer-specific ehhancements in the table of order headers (table AUFK).

In the transactions for order processing, you can activate a customer-specific function, with which you can call up your own screen. On this screen, you can call up the newly listed fields in the table AUFK for maintenance or display purposes.

The enhancement IWO10018 contains the following components:

Menu options:


Function exits:


Screen areas:


Proceed as follows:

  1. Create an enhancement project using transaction CMOD.
  2. Assign the enhancement IWO10018 to this project.
  3. List your fields in the structure CI_AUFK using transaction SE11 (ABAP Dictionary) if they have not already been defined by other applications.

Note the name space for fields reserved for the customer.

  1. Activate the structure.

Note that a table may contain a maximum of 255 fields. SAP can list new fields in the table AUFK.

  1. Process the components in transaction CMOD.

To do this, you must:

  • Assign a name to the function Customer fields
  • Code the function exit EXIT_SAPLCOIH_018 for data transfer from the SAP application to the screen area
  • Code the function exit EXIT_SAPLCOIH_019 for data transfer from the screen area to the SAP application
  • Create the screen area

The function exits are filled, in which the Include contained therein is created.

  1. Call up processing of the Include using Choose.

  2. Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLCOIH_018: PM Order: User Fields for Order Header PBO
    • EXIT_SAPLCOIH_019: PM Order: Customer Enhancement for User Fields for Order Header PAI
    • SAPLCOIH1180_CUSTSCR1_SAPLXWOC0900: PM Order: User Fields Header