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Customer Exits Notifications
Using this customer exit, you can change or complete data to the sales document header structure PAR_VBAKKOM_CHG. You can change the following data:

  • Sales document type
  • Shipping condition
  • Sales area
  • Sales office
  • Sales group

You can complete the following data:

  • Collective number
  • Order reason

You can still change and complete additional partner functions with the corresponding partner evaluations in the structure PAR_VBPAKOM_TAB (for example, partner function VU responsible user with partner evaluation <Office user name>).

The actual values of the service order header (Structure PAR_CAUFVD_IMP) as well as transaction environment data (Structure PAR_TC10_IMP) and the basic service type (Structure PAR_T350_IMP) are available as contextual data.

  • EXIT_SAPLISM6_001: Exit for Advance Shipment Addition of Header Data for Sales Order