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Customer Exits Notifications
Using this customer exit, you can change or complete all data for the sales item (structure PAR_VBAPKOM_CHG). You can change the following data:

  • Accounting indicator
  • Material number
  • Plant
  • Storage location
  • Target quantity
  • Target unit

You can complete the following data for example:

  • Billing block
  • Reason for cancellation

Using the structure PAR_VBEP_CHG, you can change (customer order quantity) or complete (delivey block, item category of schedule line) the data for the first schedule line of each item.

You can still change and complete additional partner functions with the corresponding partner evaluations in the structure PAR_VBPAKOM_TAB (for example, partner function VU respomsible user with partner evaluation <Office user name>).

The current values of the service order header (Structure

  • EXIT_SAPLISM6_002: Advance Shipment Addition of Item Data for Sales Order from Order