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Customer Exits Notifications
This customer exit can be used to generate settlement rules.

You can use it, if an object list with different account assignment objects is assigned to the order, and you want to distribute the settlement of costs proportionally to the account assignment objects.

The function module has the following parameters:

1. Import parameter:

  • CAUFVD_IMP: Order header data

2. Tables:

  • PMDFU_TAB: Settlement rule(s) to be generated
  • RIWOL_TAB: Object list for order (if available)

To form the settlement rules, enter the required data in the following fields of the internal table PMDFU_TAB:

  • PMDFU_TAB-KONTY: Account assignment receiver category

The following account assignment receiver categories are supported:

  • Cost center
  • Order
  • WBS element
  • Profitability segment
  • Fixed asset
  • G/L account
  • Sales and distribution document PMDFU_TAB-FDIND: Receiver
  • For those cases where there are two key fields (for example, fixed asset, and sales and distribution document), enter the second key here.

    • PMDFU_TAB-PERBZ: Period description
    • PMDFU_TAB-PROZS: Percentage
    • PMDFU_TAB-AQZIF: Equivalence number

    SAP is continuing to enhance the structure PMDFU.


    DO_NOT_BUILD_SETTLEMENTRULE: The setting of this exception prevents the system from generating a settlement rule with a default for the distribution rule. This can be necessary, for example, if very complex settlement rules are involved.


    The following ABAP coding example should show how 50% rules can be generated for the cost centers A100 and K011:

    First entry in table PMDFU_TAB:


    PMDFU_TAB-FDIND = 'A100 '.


    PMDFU_TAB-PROZS = '50'.

    append pmdfu_tab.

    Second entry in table PMDFU_TAB:


    PMDFU_TAB-FDIND = 'K011 '.


    PMDFU_TAB-PROZS = '50'.

    • EXIT_SAPLCOI1_027: Customer Enhancement: Create Settlement Rule