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Customer Exits Notifications
You can use this customer exit to perform additional authorization checks for maintenance orders and service orders.

This customer exit is processed when you create, change, or display an order, if the order is called up in one of the following ways:

  • Using transactions IW31/IW32/IW33/IW34/IW36/IW81
  • Online
  • From a message

If the user does not have authorization (Exception NO_AUTHORITY),

  • In cases 1 and 2, the system leaves the order
  • In case 3, the system does not go to the order

The function module has the following import parameters:

  • AUART_IMP = Order type of the order
  • IWERK_IMP = Maintenance planning plant
  • ACTIVITY_IMP = Activity category (H = Add, V = Change, A = Display)

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLCOIH_033: Customer-Specific Authorization Check