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Maintenance Order
This extension allows you to create your own selection options. This option is in addition to the existing SAP options for selecting maintenance task lists that you want to copy to the order.

Using the data from the SAP order header, you can determine the task lists that you require. The determined task list headers are then copied to the SAP system.

You can also disable the operation selection.

The following selection options for task lists are feasible:

Selection via

  • notifications for the order
    • task codes in the notification
    • damage in the notification
  • work center in the notification/order header
  • maintenance planner group in the notification/order header
  • maintenance planning plant in the notification/order header

As there are no equivalent fields for damage or task codes in the task list, you should use the classification of the task list to represent these fields.

If one task list per notification item is sufficient, the task list can be based on the classification of the notification item key fields task list type,

  • SAPLCOIH+PLS: User-specific
  • EXIT_SAPLCOIH_003: PM Order: USER-Specific Determination of Task Lists for PM Order