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Service Management Enhancements
You can use this customer exit to alter how single-level lists are displayed in Customer Service, Plant Maintenance and Quality Management. When doing this, you can change accordingly various parameters and tables that are transferred from the report in the ABAP List Viewer (ALV). For example, the following changes are possible:

  • Deactivate alternating white/gray display
  • Set print parameters (with/without cover sheet)
  • Change field attributes in the field catalog (hide fields, set automatic optimization of column widths, define fields as being mandatory)
  • Change field grouping for field selection
  • Enter a title for the list

The following reports are supported:

Customer Service and Plant Maintenance

  • RIAFRU20 Display Confirmations
  • RIARCMRI Display Measurement Documents From Archive
  • RIAUFK20 Display and Change Service and Maintenance Orders
  • RIAUFM20 Display Goods Movements for Order
  • RIIFLO20 Display Functional Location
  • RIIMPT20 Display Measuring Point
  • RIIMR020 Display Measurement Documents
  • RIIRLO20 Display Reference Location
  • RIGENE10 List of Active Permits
  • RIMARA20 Display Material
  • RIMHIO00 Scheduling: Maintenance Scheduling Overview
  • RIMPLA00 Maintenance Plan List
  • RIMPOS00 Maintenance Item List
  • RIPLKO10 Display Task Lists
  • RIQMEL20 Notification List
  • RIQMEL30 List of Notification Tasks
  • RIQMEL40 List of Notification Items
  • RIQMEL60 List of Notification Actions
  • RIVEDA20 List of Contracts for Serviceable Items
  • RMIAPL60 Material Where-Used List for Task Lists
  • RXASMD10 List Processing: Service Master
  • RIAFVC10 Entering Confirmations via Operation List
  • RIAFVC20 Display and Change Operations
  • RIEQUI20 Display Equipment
  • RIEQUI21 Display Serial Numbers
  • RIIBAS10 IBase Where-Used List (Based on a point in time)
  • RIIBAS30 IBase Where-Used List (Based on a time period)
  • RINET0E0 Object Network: List of Equipment Links
  • RINET0T0 Object Network: List of Functional Location Links

Quality Management

  • RQMELL10 Single-Level List - Quality Notification
  • RQMELL20 List of Tasks
  • RQMELL30 List of Notification Items
  • RQMELL40 Activity List
  • RQARCQDL Deletion Program for Quality Levels where Deletion Date Exceeded
  • RQBAAM10 QM Release: Mass Maintenance
  • RQBAAM20 Worklist of Source Inspections
  • RQCPRM10 QM Worklist: Quality Certificates in Procurement
  • RQDAAM10 Quality Level Evaluation
  • RQEEAL10 Inspection Lot Selection
  • RQERKM10 Overview Quality Control Charts for Inspection Lots
  • RQERKM20 Overview Quality Control Charts for Task List
  • RQERKM30 Overview of Control Charts for Master Inspection Characteristic
  • RQEVAI10 Collective Usage Decision for OK Lots
  • RQEVAM10 Inspection Lots Without Inspection Completion
  • RQEVAM20 Inspection Lots With Outstanding Quantities
  • RQEVAM30 Inspection Lots without Usage Decision
  • RQMQMM00 Mass Change of QM Inspection Setup Data in Materials
  • RQMTBV10 Display Inspection Method List
  • RQPMKV10 Display Master Inspection Characteristics

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLIREP1_001: Single-Level List Editing PM/QM/CS: CHange ALV Settings