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Brazil Localisation: Customer-Exits
In the Nota Fiscal generation based on an billing document in SD the shipping unit (field 'J_1BNFDOC-SHPUNT') and the number of shipping units (field 'J_1BNFDOC-ANZPK') is determined as follows:

  • The number of units is calculated by adding all numbers of sales unit of the respective billing document.
  • The unit of measure is either the sales unit (if all line items use the same sales unit) or 'SPACE' if different sales units are used.

In special cases a different logic for the determination of number of shipping units and shipping unit is required.

To achieve this the number of shipping units and the shipping unit can be overwritten using customer exit 'EXIT_SAPLJ1BG_001'.

For detailed information about the the exit function please refer to the component documentation of the exit function and to the function call parameter documention.

  • EXIT_SAPLJ1BG_001: 0