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User Exits Develop. Class KKR (Rollup)

Fields can be added to table AUFK (order master data) in structure CI_AUFK (see enhancement COOPA003). If you want to use classification for these new fields, you must implement the enhancement described here.

The enhancement KKRF0001 contains the following components:

  • Function exit EXIT_SAPLKKRF_001
  • Include CI_KKRMKOR

Use transaction CMOD to create an enhancement project and assign enhancements COOPA003 and KKRF0001 to this project. Enhancement COOPA003 is the requirement for enhancement KKRF0001.

Use transaction SE11 (ABAP/4 Dictionary) to create structure CI_KKRMKOR. Add the desired fields to structure CI_KKRMKOR. You can only add fields to structure CI_KKRMKOR that are also in structure CI_AUFK. Fields for which no classification should be possible do not need to be added to structure CI_KKRMKOR. The fields must conform to a naming convention: The field name must begin with OR, and the remaining part of the field name must be the same as the field name from structure CI_AUFK. If you have added field ZZABC to structure CI_AUFK, you must add field ORZZABC to structure CI_KKRMKOR. (Here you cannot limit yourself to the namespace for fields reserved for customers.) In addition, the same data element as in structure CI_AUFK must be used. Activate the structure.

In function module EXIT_SAPLKKRF_001 the values of the CI_AUFK fields can now be transferred into the classification fields. For example, when you have added field ZZABC to structure CI_AUFK, you must use the following command:
One such command must be issued for each field you have added to structure CI_KKRMKOR. Do not change any field contents, execute check routines, send messages, or install other program logic at this point.
Do not under any circumstances execute a COMMIT-WORK or a database write access to SAP tables! This can result in serious program errors and data inconsistencies.

  • EXIT_SAPLKKRF_001: User exit for filling the customer-specific AUFK classification fields