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User Exits Develop. Class KKR (Rollup)
You can use the EXIT_RKOCLMIG_001 function module to influence the conversion of classification data in user-defined fields. For further information, see Replace Classification With User-Defined Fields in the implementation guide for overheads.

The RKOCLMIG conversion report calls up the EXIT_RKOCLMIG_001 function module. It does this without displaying the characteristic attributes in user-defined fields, or performing any checks. Once you activate the RKKF0002 enhancement, you need to ensure that your user-defined fields are correctly filled.

You have all the characteristic attributes available within the function module of the order. You can display these in any way you wish in suitable CI_AUFK fields. You are not restricted to any naming conventions or formats. You can also evaluate the UDEF or ADT formats, or several attributes for a characteristic. Likewise, you can split characteristics into several fields, group several attributes in one field or carry out other kinds of formatting. This means that you do not have to maintain the RKOCLMIG assignment table.

The conversion program resets the CI_AUFK structure in the function module. The CI_AUFK fields you created are contained in this structure.

SAP does not check the CI_AUFK fields! It is possible that some of the fields are already filled (if for example, you already activated the COOPA003 enhancement).

If you activated the KKRF0002 enhancement and you start the transfer of classification data in your user-defined fields, then you need to fill the CI_AUFK fields in the EXIT_RKOCLMIG_001 function module. Otherwise, this data is lost.

Data from the AUFK table is available as import parameters as well as the CABN and AUSP tables. These latter two tables contain field information or attributes for the characteristics. All of the data refers constantly to the current order. The CABN and AUSP tables are linked by the internal ATINN key. This key identifies a characteristic in a client.

The RKOCLMIG report only converts current client orders.

Table Field name Field meaning

CABN ATINN Part of the key

CABN ATNAM Name of characteristic

CABN ATFOR Format of characteristic

CABN MSEHI Unit / Currency

CABN ATEIN blank for multiple attributes

AUSP ATWRT Attribute for CHAR and BOOL type

AUSP ATFLV Attribute for NUM, DATE, TIME and CURR type

The transfer of characteristic attributes to the AUFK fields depends on the format. If you wish to see this in more detail, see the RKOCLMIG of the FORM PROCESS_SINGLE_SAP report.

  • EXIT_RKOCLMIG_001: User exit for characteristic conversion -> customer-specific fields