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CO/SD: Customer Functions

In expense-related billing, individual expense items are generated from cost information. In the process, activity numbers (material numbers) are determined for use in identifying the individual items in the billing document.

The complexity of billing item selection and activity number determination means that it is not possible to cover all options in the standard SAP system.

Enhancement KSDIEX01 has been added to permit inclusion of customer-specific requirements for the transfer of item information to SD documents, by building on the standard functionality. Currently, the enhancement is only addressed as part of resource-related billing, but has been prepared with future functions involving transfer of information to SD documents in mind.

In detail, you can carry out the following functions with this enhancement:

  • Filtering of the items selected with the standard functionality, using a customer-specific logic
  • Addition of items not selected in the standard
  • Customer-specific additions to items selected in the standard
  • Influence on document flow update
Components in the Enhancement

Enhancement KSDIEX01 contains the following components (function exits):

  • EXIT_SAPLEBBS_001: Determining items for new documents
    This function exit is accessed when you create a new SD document.
  • EXIT_SAPLEBBS_002: Reading items for existing documents
    This function exit is accessed when during editing of an existing document.
  • EXIT_SAPLEBBS_003: Document flow update
    This function exit is access when the document flow for an SD document is being read.

A detailed description of the function exits and their interfaces can be found in the documentation to the EXIT_SAPLEBBS_xxx function modules.

General Technical Information ID for Document Flow Processing

When an SD document is created, a document flow is recorded for the items, including those created within the framework of this enhancement. So that you can edit these items, it is necessary to assign each one a unique, reproduceable 22-character ID.
IDs relating to items created in this enhancement must begin with "Y" or "Z".

So that you can read the items selected in the standard, their IDs must first be decoded. You can use the standard function module EBBS_ITEM_KEY_GET for this.

Performance Aspects

If you want to evaluate the standard item selection again in this enhancement, you do not need to read the items again from the database. You can access the standard function module EBBS_BUFFERED_TABLES_GET to read the item information from a buffer.

  • EXIT_SAPLEBBS_001: Determine Items for New Documents
  • EXIT_SAPLEBBS_002: Read Items for Existing Documents
  • EXIT_SAPLEBBS_003: Record Document Flow