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User Exits for LIFO/FIFO Valuation
You can use enhancement LIFO0040 to change the LIFO valuation, if the standard system does not completely map the relevant contents in the application.

The enhancement comprises three function modules, which you can use to change the following influencing factors:

  • When preparing for LIFO valuation, the system can automatically assign pool numbers to material numbers using criteria different to that preset in the standard system.
  • If you want to change the composition of existing pools ("Pool splitting"), you can fill the reassignment table supplied in the standard system using your own criteria.
  • Within the framework of LIFO valuation, you can use your own criteria to determine which layer should be devaluated using which prices when carrying out a lowest value comparison.

You will find more information in the documentation on these function modules.

  • EXIT_SAPLLIFS_001: Automatic Assignment of Criteria for Splitting or Merging Pools
  • EXIT_SAPLLIFS_002: Flexible Assignment of Prices During Lowest Value Comparison
  • EXIT_SAPLLIFS_003: Automatic Assignment of Materials to Pool