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User Exits: Update LIS Agency
The user exits for this extension enrich the communication structures for updating from the documents of the agency business. You can set additional characteristics and key figures, that are not defined as standard.

Each of the three communication structures MCWBRK (header data for all documents), MCWBRP (item data for non-invoice lists), MCWBRL (item data for invoice lists) has its own User-Include, in which user-defined fields can be included. These must also be completed by the user. The user exit is planned for this purpose.


  • The field MCWBRK-DOCTYPE contains the document type, i.e. differenciates between the various document types (vendor billing documents, settlement requests, posting lists, and the corresponding invoice lists from all payments documents or vendor billing documents). The user exit will run for all these document types. Make sure you query the document type, as failing to do so could impact on the processing of other document type.

  • The user exit will also run for vendor billing documents, which aids income settlements in subsequent
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF4_001: User Exit for LIS Agency Communication Structures