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User Exits for Devt. Class MEW - BAPIs
Enhancement LMEWPU06

The BAPI ProcurementOperation.GetInfo (function module BAPI_PROCOPERATION_GETINFO) determines which object is to be generated on the basis of the item data and the Customizing settings. The value determined is passed on in the field OBJ_TO_GEN in the table PROCUREMENT_ITEM.

The following values generate the following objects:

Value Object

1 Reservation

2 Requisition

3 Purchase order

The field OBJ_TO_GEN can also have the value 4 (other usage). In this case, no object is generated. For example, in the Internet application component Procurement via Catalogs , the item data is shown on the confirmation screen if the value 4 is returned.

With this enhancement, you can change the value determined in the field OBJ_TO_GEN. After the return of your value, the objects are created in the SAP System.

In Customizing it has been specified that reservations are always to be generated. However, in the case of material type ABCD, you wish to generate purchase requisitions. You then return the value 2 in the field OBJ_TO_GEN.

  • EXIT_SAPLMEWP_001: Customer Exit for Object Determination (Procurement via Catalogs)