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User Exits for Devt. Class MEW - BAPIs
In the standard version, the system determines the allowed catalogs (value help) for the Internet Application Component (IAC) "Procurement via Catalogs" via the settings in Customizing for Purchasing. To do so, it uses the method ProcurementOperation.GetCatalogs (function module BAPI_PROCOPERATION_GETCATALOGS).

This enhancement, which is invoked from the method, allows you to define your own rules for determining catalogs.


In the standard system, the allowed catalogs are defined via the material group and the plant.

The enhancement contains a function module to which the following data is transferred:

  • Material group
  • Plant
  • Table with the allowed catalogs from the standard system

You can supplement or delete the entries in the catalog table.


If you add entries, the relevant catalogs must also be created in Customizing.

For more information, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Purchasing: Internet Application Components (IACs)

  • EXIT_SAPLMEWP_003: Customer Exit to Determine Allowed Catalogs