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User Exits: Materials Mgmt. (Purchasing)

You can use this customer exit to control whether you can maintain conditions for items in purchase orders and outline agreements, although no invoice receipt is permitted.

For example, this makes sense if:

  • You want to transmit condition to the vendor when procuring consignment materials
  • You do not post invoices in the SAP System, but perform invoice verification in another system

You can use this customer exit to fill parameter CH_XCONDITIONS. You can use this parameter to determine whether you can maintain conditions that you, for example, can output with the purchase order, and whether the conditions should also be available for goods movements, for example, for material valuation.

Value Range


If you use this customer exit to transfer conditions to the goods movements, the system also creates accounting documents for goods movements, such as goods receipts, under certain circumstances. However, since no invoice receipt is expected, these liabilities to the vendor are not cleared in the usual way, by an invoice receipt. If necessary, you have to clear the relevant accounts manually.

  • EXIT_SAPLMEXF_001: No Invoice for Purchase Order Item but Conditions Allowed