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Subsequent Settlement User Exits
The user exits of this enhancement serve to enhance the cumulative updating process within the subsequent (end-of-period rebate) settlement facility by the addition of characteristics (e.g. material) that are not supported by the "subsequent settlement" functionality in the standard system.

It is essential that you refer to the documentation. Wrong programming is liable to damage the (operative) statistical data in the Logistics Information System (necessitating recompilation).

Meaning of the user exits:

  • EXIT_SAPLWN08_001, enhance communication structure MCKONA from purchasing documents

  • EXIT_SAPLWN35_001, enhance communication structure MCKONA from agency processing documents (vendor billing documents, settlement requests)

  • EXIT_SAPLWN12_001, enhance communication structure MCKONA (income) during updating as part of settlement accounting

Please see the documentation on the individual components.


The user exits belonging to the enhancement LWNBON003 are available for changes to the vendor business volumes and rebate income involved in the settlement accounting process. The present user exits should not be

  • EXIT_SAPLWN08_001: Add Data from Purchasing Doc.(Bus. Vol. Data) to Communic. Struct. MCKONA
  • EXIT_SAPLWN12_001: Add Data to Communication Structure MCKONA (Incomes)
  • EXIT_SAPLWN35_001: Add Data from Agency Docs (Bus.Vol. Data) to Communic. Structure MCKONA