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Subsequent Settlement User Exits
The user exits of this enhancement facilitate changes to the settlement data in the course of subsequent (end-of-period rebate) settlement accounting with regard to a rebate arrangement. All user exits are invoked prior to the creation of the settlement documents.

The following options are available. You can:

  • influence the vendor business volumes prior to evaluation of the condition (globally for the condition record)
  • change the rebate income subsequent to evaluation of the condition
  • make adjustments to the apportionment of rebate income among the relevant plants and tax codes

Please be sure to consult the documentation for the individual components, since wrong programming can lead to incorrect settlement documents being created.

  • EXIT_SAPLWN01_001: Business Volume Data (Scale/Condition Basis) Before Calculation of Income
  • EXIT_SAPLWN01_002: Calculation of the Income of a Condition Record
  • EXIT_SAPLWN01_003: Change Settlement Data Before Creation of Settlement Doc.