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Agency Business: User Exits 1

The function modules of function group XLFX provides user exits for customer-specific field checks. They are always called if header or item data has changed. The field selection can be used to override additional field attributes.

  • Checks on permitted vendor/customer combinations
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF2_002
  • Special field checks at header and item level
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF2_003, Field check, settlement request header data
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF2_004, Field check, settlement reqest item data

    • Function/Program:
      • EXIT_SAPLWLF2_002: Enhancement: Allowed Customer/Vendor Combinations
      • EXIT_SAPLWLF2_003: Enhancement: Field Check Header Data Settlement Request
      • EXIT_SAPLWLF2_004: Enhancement: Field Check Item Data Settlement Request
      • EXIT_SAPLWLFN_001: Enhancement: Field Selection Settlement Request