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Agency Business: User Exits 2

The function modules of function group XRGX provide user exits for determining cash discount data when settlement request lists are entered. They are always called if relevant document header data for the individual invoices in the list, of header data of the list itself, changes.

  • Method for determining cash discount
  • Consistency checks

The header line of list KOMLFKL, which is available as a transfer parameter, can be modified using exits 00. In addition to settlement request list header KOMLFKL, all the document header data of the individual invoices is available in table 'T_KOMLFK'.

Once the data has been entered, exit 002 can be used to perform another full check on all documents. If the check reveals errors, these can be

  • EXIT_SAPLWLFO_001: Enhancement: Agency Business: Method of Determining Cash Discount
  • EXIT_SAPLWLFO_002: AB Enhancement: Method of Determining Cash Discount Checks at Item Level