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Agency Business: User Exits 1

The function modules of function group XLFX provide user exits for customer-specific field changes. They are always called before header data or item data is set in internal tables.

The following user exits are available:

  • Supplying or changing header data
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_001
  • Supplying or changing item data after condition determination has been called
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_002
  • Supplying or changing other item data before condition determination has been called
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_010
  • Initializing global data
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_011

The relevant document information is available to the user as transfer parameters, dependant on the function module. If several documents are processed in one step (if data is transferred via the BAPI interface, for example), global data can be initialized using EXIT_SAPLWLF1_011.

The system does not offer all fields for changing. Structures KOMLFKC at header level and KOMLFPC at item level are used as transfer parameters. If the transfer parameters are not blank, all fields are

  • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_001: Enhancement: Fill/Change Cust. Fields Header Data Pymnt Docs acc. to Prcng
  • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_002: Enhancement: Fill/Change Cust. Fields Item Data Payment Docs after Pricing
  • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_010: Enhancement: Fill/Change Customer Fields,Item Data Paym.Docs before Pricng
  • EXIT_SAPLWLF1_011: Enhancement: Initialize Customer Fields