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Agency Business: User Exits 3

The function modules of function group XAGX provide user exits for customer-specific print formatting. They are always called before the print information is transferred to the output medium or when the document is formatted.

  • Document formatting/summarization
    • EXIT_SAPLWLF8_001
  • Print formatting, reporting
  • Print formatting for message determination, complete print information
  • Print formatting for message determination, printed line information
  • Print formatting for message determination, complete print information

You can use the document formatting/aggregation exit to define which document header data is to be aggregated to form joint lists. These list headers are then used for condition determination and print formatting.

The print data can be formatted specially for reporting using exit EXIT_SAPLWLFY_002 and for message determination using exit EXIT_SAPLWLFY_001.

  • EXIT_SAPLWLF8_001: Agency Business: Document Transfer Print Program
  • EXIT_SAPLWLFY_001: Enhancement: Agency Business: Payment Advice Formatting Print Program
  • EXIT_SAPLWLFY_002: Enhancement: Agency Business: Print Formatting
  • EXIT_SAPLWLFY_003: Agency Business: Enhancement: Line Structure Print Output
  • EXIT_SAPLWLFY_004: Agency Bus.: Enhancement Line Structure Print Output Payment Advice Close