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User Exits PP-MRP Materials Planning
Material Requirements Planning / User Exit for Selecting Materials in the Planning Run

In the planning run for MRP, MPS or long-term planning, you can use this user exit to select which materials are to be planned.

For example, you can define that the system is only to plan MRP materials or materials from one particular MRP controller.


The user exit is accessed for each material after the system has read the corresponding planning file entry and the material master data.

In net change planning (NETCH), it is accessed for all materials with the total change planning indicator in the planning file. For regenerative planning, it is accessed for all materials that can be included in the planning run.

Using the user exit, you can exclude the material from the planning run (in this case the planning file remains unchanged) or you can even terminate the planning run.

The user exit must be activated and the corresponding logic must be implemented. Here, the coding for both function modules (EXIT_SAPMM61X_001, EXIT_SAPLM61C_001) must be identical, that is, the Includes ZXM61U01 and ZXM61U02 should be identicle.

In Customizing for MRP, the 'User exit key' must be maintained with descriptive texts.


For technical reasons, (user exits can only refer to one main program) the user exit consists of two identicle function modules:

  • EXIT_SAPMM61X_001 - for the planning run without parallel processing
  • EXIT_SAPLM61C_001 - for the planning run with parallel processing

Input parameterd for the function modules:

entered in the initial screen of the planning run and controls that the user exit is accessed. This should define the logic within the user exit.

can be entered in the initial screen of the planning run and can be used to provide the user exit with additional information. The format of the entry is up to you. This field can then be interpreted within the user exit.


Table entry from Customizing containing the MRP type and related control parametes.

structure with data from the material master record that is relevant to the planning run

Output parameters for the function modules:

if you set NO_PLANNING = 'X', the material is not planned.

if you set STOP_PLANNING = 'X', the material is not planned and the system terminates the planning run.


Example coding exists in program LXM61F01.

Please note the following note on performance:

  1. If you use the user exit, the system reads the material master of each material with the appropriate planning file (Tables MARA, MARC, MBEW and MAKT). If there are a large number of materials with planning file entries, you must reckon with longer runtimes.
  2. Reading additional data base tables in the user exit should be avoided as far as possible as this would significantly increase the runtime.
    • EXIT_SAPLM61C_001: User Exits PP-MRP Materials Planning
    • EXIT_SAPMM61X_001: 0